Doug Naugler

Doug Naugler has floated gracefully through the underground of Canadian music like a bi-polar feather in a schizophrenic tornado of creativity for over 15 years. His musical restlessness and constant yearning to grow as an artist and producer has led to a prodigious output of collaborative ventures with some of Canada’s most eclectic musicians. Just one look at his extensive production discography reveals a man obsessed with exploring musical diversity in every form imaginable. He writes/ plays/ produces/ mixes/ scores/ lives and breathes great fucking music.

For over a decade he has resided in Vancouver, CA working out his own "Naugville Studios". As a producer in that time he has graciously waltzed countless artists through almost every genre imaginable, flipping seamlessly from hip-hop to traditional flamenco guitar to hardcore punk. He is a musical chameleon who prides himself on his prowess and abilities (Ed. Note: he despises the term "musical chameleon" but couldn’t come up with anything better).

As an artist himself he’s released two solo albums, 2012’s "fuxmup", and 2014’s "fuktup (a love story)". He also counts 6 releases over the last dozen years as front man of the band rock band hybrahma. He has shared the stage with such world-renowned acts as Clutch, Finger Eleven, Gob, The Smalls, and even The Beatles (Ed Note: not The Beatles. That is a boldface lie.). In addition to songwriting he has scored multiple instrumental pieces for TV, movies, video games, and even musical theatre.

With no signs of slowing down, Doug plans to continue flooding the world with a colorful blur of genre busting madness for as long as anyone continues to listen and/or pay him.

Collaborative Ventures

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Doug Naugler Selected Production Discography 2016

P=Producer E=Engineer M=Mixer W=Writer/Co-Writer
Appetite for Construction The WAZZOOOOs P/E/ M/W 2016
IV Todd Fancey P/E/W 2016
Beautiful World The Wheathermen P/E/M 2016
100 Round Symphony General Beanz E/M 2016
Don't Love You No More (single) Sadie Campbell P/E/ M/W 2016
"forthcoming EP" Tempest Jade P/E/ M/W 2016
"forthcoming" Pat Haberl P/E/M 2016
"forthcoming" Shawn Verrault E/ 2016
Never Play The Mans Game Desert Radio P/E/M 2015
Rubble Town Michael Wood E/M 2015
Cuts Like A Knife (single) Sadie Campbell P/E/M 2015
"Self Titled" Mike Bertini E/ 2015
fuktup (a love story) Doug Naugler P/E/ M/W 2014
Ain’t No Sonnet Grumpy Cat Movie P/E/W 2014
Live Young Sadie Campbell P/E/M 2014
Lou Lou Potter E/W 2014
Jody (single) Todd Fancey P/E/ M/W 2014
Witch Attack! (single) Todd Fancey P/E/ M/W 2014
Midnight Sun Kyprios P/E/W 2013
Fibres Season To Attack P/E/M 2013
Here Comes the Kiss (single) Pat Haberl P/E/M 2013
fuxmup Doug Naugler P/E/M 2012
Definitely Diva Definitely Diva P/E/M 2012
Lesson Learned Lou Potter P/E/ M/W 2012
Matiation Matiation P/E/ M/W 2012
Blaming Taylor Blaming Taylor P/E/ M/W 2012 trash..for trash hybrahma P/E/ M/W 2012
It’s A Beautiful Future The Rebel Spell P/E/ M/W 2011
You Should See the Other Guys The Gastown Royals M/ 2011
American Jumbo Gaye Delorme E/M 2011
This Old Barn (single) Don McLeod P/E/M 2011
Sadder Days (single) Kyprios P/E/ M/W 2010
City Woman (single) Kyprios E/M 2010
Last Night (single) Kyprios P/E/W 2010
Mass Undergoe Mass Undergoe P/E/ M/W 2010
Run Away Jet Black Stare W/ 2010
Wasted (single) Carol Cox P/E/ M/W 2010
Soundtrack Every 28 Days (film) P/E/ M/W 2010
Raise the Cup Richard Klein E/ 2010
Forgotten St Vacant City P/E/M 2010
12:12 Kyprios P/E/ M/W 2009
Water St Sweatshop Union P/E/ M/W 2009
Fly (remix) (single) Jet Black Stare P/E/M 2009
Sherry St Germain Sherry St Germain W/ 2009
Lollipops and Hand Grenades The Truegoods P/E/M 2009
4 Songs About Freedom The Rebel Spell P/E/M 2008
Facebreaker (game) Electronic Arts P/E/W 2008
Life Ain't Hard Ray St Germain P/E/ M/W 2008
Monkey Puzzle Tree James Thomas P/E/M 2008
Schmancey Todd Fancey W/ 2007
Not a Planet Don Alder P/E/M 2007
BP Brandon Price P/E/M 2007
Rani (single) Dal Dilvog P/E/M 2007
Days of Rage The Rebel Spell P/E/M 2006
Delorme Gaye Delorme P/E/M 2006
Perfect Ground Perfect Ground P/E/ M/W 2006
EP 1 of 3 hybrahma P/E/ M/W 2006
EP 2 of 3 hybrahma P/E/M 2006
EP 3 of 3 hybrahma P/E/ M/W 2006
Sonic City Sonic City P/E/M 2006
Asleep at the Wheel Desert Radio P/E/M 2005
Acoustic Shadows Richard Klein P/E/M 2005
Fancey Todd Fancey P/E/ M/W 2004
Disasterpiece hybrahma P/E/ M/W 2004
11 Ellie James P/E/ M/W 2004
Fera Fera P/E/M 2004
Bitch Bitch Bitch Hector P/E/M 2004
Expression in Layman’s Terms The Rebel Spell M/ l 2003
Emotion Has a Thousand Sons Mass Undergoe P/E/M 2003
You Got an Alibi? Alibi E/M 2003
Have It All (EP) Tempest Jade P/E/ M/W forthcoming
Don't Love You No More Sadie Campbell P/E/ M/W 2016
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  • KRK V8's & 12" Subwoofer
  • RME Fireface 800
  • Universal Audio 6176
  • Chandler LTD -1
  • Empirical Labs Fatso Jr
  • Reimer Dual Pre-amp
  • Audio Arts Notch Filter
  • AKG C12 VR
  • Sure SM7
  • Sure SM57
  • Sennhesier 421
  • Apex 410
  • Steinberg Midex 8 Midi Interface
  • Roland SPD-S
  • Akai APC40
  • Mackie Control 1
  • Presonus Monitor Station
  • Radial JDI DI box
  • KORD SDD-2000 Sampling Digital Delay


  • Gibson Les Paul Studio
  • Gretch Electromatic
  • Epiphone Gibson
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • Fender Telecaster
  • Hagstrom 4 way
  • Hagstrom III
  • Bruno Conqueror Lap Steel
  • Fender Squire P-Bass
  • Ibanez SDGR 5 string bass
  • Fender 6 string Acoustic
  • Epiphone 12 string Acoustic
  • El Degas 6 string Acoustic
  • Maton 6 string Acoustic
  • Fender Mandolin
  • Ludwig Banjo


  • 1916 Gerhard Heintzman Acoustic Piano
  • Korg Triton
  • Korg Full Size Digital Piano
  • M-Audio 4 Octave MIDI Controller
  • Yamaha DX-7
  • Casio MT-520
  • Hohner Accordian
  • Orchestral Glockenspiel


  • 1977 HIWATT 50W
  • Fender 140
  • Orange Tiny Terror
  • Marshall Bi-Chorus 200
  • Fender 75
  • Vox Student
  • Standel Studio
  • THD Hot Plate
  • Rivera 2x12 Cabinet


  • Guitar Pedals
  • Drum Machines
  • Shakers
  • Tambourines
  • Cowbells
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Naugville Studios has been proudly operating out of Vancouver's legendary Song City building (formerly Greenhouse Studios) since 2006. This cozy spot has played an integral part in the creation of hundreds of records over the last decade. Loaded with tons of toys for both musicians and producers, Naugville continues to be the perfect option for those searching for a studio that is exceptionally conducive to the creative experience.

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